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SC_1001_tempcover_BUIHTDebq4st-3- JohannaBouchard ( “There were many things I really enjoyed about this book- mostly the fact that the author chose to focus, not on attaining a “perfect” relationship, but to encourage women to love and respect themselves, pray often, and think long and hard about what really matters in a relationship. Bottom line, this is an excellent book to help women recognize what a healthy relationship is (and is not), how to avoid getting drawn into a bad relationship, and how to break it off if you’re already there. An inspiring and worthwhile read, highly recommended!”  EPIC BOOK QUEST REVIEW


Must Read Book
- Miss Samantha Grayson
“Oh how I wish someone had given me this book when I first started dating! It would have saved me so much heartache and guilt. It would have saved me all those moments when I felt like the relationship had gone wrong because I didn’t give enough. No, as this book points out sometimes relationships go wrong purely as you are with the wrong person.
Sue Coleman writes in a style that makes it like listening to your best friend giving you a heap of good advice. Her advice is spot on, and can help you see relationships in the right light instead of a fairy tale light.

Yet, this book isn’t a man bashing book. it also gives the woman plenty of room for thought about what she can change to improve her relationships.
I love this book! It is the type of book that is set in reality, and takes on the rose coloured glasses of love.
Relationships do need work, but it is a two way thing!
The accompanying CD is also fantastic. She has a fantastic voice, and I would actually pay to hear her sing.”
Compelling Combination of Message and Music
- Midwest Book Review
“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is a compelling combination of message and music that will prove to be genuinely effective in helping women successful deal with relationships that are (or become) toxic. Very highly recommended for personal and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.”
- Joey

“The book is insightful and inspiring, and the music on the CD is a touching, brave journey through relationships that anyone who has ever loved can relate to.”

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